Consign & Sell

You want to sell antiques, works of art or antique and old carpets and an auction to offer? You want to auction off a complete estate? The auction house Dr. Eder is your expert partner for the best sales value of all these objects.


  • Come and join us to find out the value of your properties. The specialists of our company gladly estimate your objects.
  • If you should not be able to show us the object, we ask for a suitable Photo or an email.
  • If you want to auction a complete estate, we also come to your home.


  • You agree with us on demand a minimum price, ie a limit for your auction items.
  • We take care of the preparation and conduct of the auction. In particular, we assume the storage, display and advertising of your properties.
  • The auction will be in our house in Cologne Lindenthal and performed by our Auctioneer.
  • For the execution of the auction, you pay from the sales proceeds for amounts less than 300 EUR 20%, otherwise 15% commission plus VAT on the commission.
  • About 2 weeks after a successful auction, you get the settlement and your deposits paid.

Terms of consignment

The complete rules can be viewed in our terms of consignment [only available in GERMAN] in detail.

Or download the complete terms of consignment in PDF format for printing:

[only available in GERMAN]